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DIY installations

We can install your rack(s) for $150 each.  But if you want to do it yourself, we won't discourage you!

Surface Mount:

If you have an existing concrete surface (walkway, patio, etc) then you should purchase a "surface mount" model.  We can supply you with the proper anchors and anti-theft sheer nuts, for $12.  You'll need a drill, 3/8" concrete bit, mallet, and a large wrench.


For installations over grass, mulch or dirt, you should purchase an "in-ground" model.  Simply mark your location, dig two holes, 22" deep and 6-8" wide. Place the rack in the holes, and using a level (or two) make sure your placement is accurate, before you pour the concrete. One bag of Quick-Krete per hole should do it!

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