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It's a two-step process.  First you purchase the rack(s), then you have three options for installation.

Steel Racks

Our racks are hand-made in Ontario, from  galvanised steel pipe. Strong, simple, and durable, these racks will last a lifetime

Shop Here.

(Installation NOT included in this price)

Our racks come in standard colours, but we can also arrange for custom colours!


Once you've purchased your rack(s) you have three choices:


1) You can install the rack on your own.


2) You can use our in-house installation services. $150 per rack. We can install bike parking anywhere you want:  lawns, driveways, gardens and more! (Note: We charge an extra $50 for interlocking bricks)


3) If you're outside of the Greater Toronto Area, you can use a local contractor, or an online service like Jiffy.

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